Monday, September 8, 2008

Virginia Young Republican Chairman and Women for McCain Convey Renewed Excitement Over McCain-Palin Ticket

After a successful appearance defending Governor Palin on mainstream media network CBS, the Statewide Chairman of the Virginia Young Republicans, Lori-Ann Miller, along with fellow Virginia Young Republican, Kerry Finnegan, appeared on local TV affiliate Channel 8 in the Northern Virginia - D.C. Market. Both Chairman Miller and Ms. Finnegan conveyed how young professional women are excited about this historic opportunity for women everywhere to really have their voice heard through Governor Palin and how the indeed has the executive experience to handle the job. Unlike the State Senate in Illinois, an executive has to actually make decisions and cannot simply Vote PRESENT like Senator Obama. It is clear that many young women are put off by "Us" magazine and the MSNBC Crew taking repeated sexist pot shots at the Governor asking her questions, they would never ask Barack H. Obama.

Channel 8 aired this Pro-Palin segment on Friday, Sept. 5, 2008 at 5:00pm and we hope to hear much more from Women for McCain as we advance the McCain-Palin ticket to the goal line. The GOP Convention bounce over the disastrous Brittney Spears inspired - Barackopolis/Temple of Obama Dem Convention debacle clearly helped us out!

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