Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Latest Polls: McCain-Palin Continue to Lead in Virginia

Beyond a consistent, but narrow lead in the Commonwealth, the McCain-Palin ticket continues to lead in Florida and Ohio outside the margin of error. This is great news for Virginia, Michigan and Pennsylvania. With Florida and Ohio seemingly secured at over 50% and outside the margin of error, the McCain campaign can focus on the toss up states!

Having visited Florida this past week, the feet on the ground have confirmed to me it feels much more like 2004 than 2000 and I saw it first hand. Meaning this year's recount state will not be Florida, but rather MI, PA or VA. Based on what I am hearing on certain college campuses, however, I am somewhat troubled. Let's hope that potential non-U.S. citizen, foreign students who attend colleges in certain States are not successfully registering in that State to vote using their school addresses rather than their home foreign country addresses.

Anyway, to the good news (h/t RCP):

Virginia: 9-21-08 (500 LV) (FoxNews/Rasmussen)
McCain-Palin 50%
Obama-Biden 48%

Florida: 9-21-08 (500 LV) (FoxNews/Rasmussen)
McCain-Palin 51%
Obama-Biden 46%

Ohio: 9-21-08 (500 LV) (FoxNews/Rasmussen)
McCain-Palin 50%
Obama-Biden 46%

New Hampshire: 9-21-08 (523 LV) (Univ. of New Hampshire)
McCain-Palin 47%
Obama-Biden 45%

Michigan: 9-17-08 (602 LV) (Detroit News)
Obama-Biden 43%
McCain-Palin 42%

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