Monday, September 15, 2008

McCain Continues to Gain: Latest Swing State Results from FOX/Ramussen

Things are looking very good with these polls. Virginia continues to be a toss-up, but things are moving in our favor. With Michigan and now Pennsylvania in play, either one of those two States seals the deal for McCain/Palin. Colorado's lead is a new welcome trend that undoes most of Obama's efforts and $millions. As I have discussed before, Florida is a done deal. Ohio continues to look better and better.

Swing State Polling from Rasmussen Reports/Fox
Monday, September 15, 2008

Polling in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia shows marginal gains for McCain in three states and for Obama in two. McCain has a slight advantage in three of the five states and the other two are tied. However, in only one state does the gap between McCain and Obama exceed three percentage points in polls with a four-and-a-half percentage point margin of sampling error.

The overriding message from these results is that the race remains very close with just over seven weeks to go.

The biggest change is found in Colorado where it’s now McCain 48% and Obama 46%. A week ago, Obama had a three-point edge in this western state. The current results are similar to the Rasmussen Reports Colorado polling conducted in August, just before the Democratic convention was held in Denver....

Colorado - McCain Up By 2%, 9-14-08 (Trending Up!)
McCain/Palin 48%
Obama/Biden 46%

Florida - McCain Up By 5%, 9-14-08 (Oh Yeah outside MoE!)
McCain/Plain 49%
Obama/Biden 44%

Ohio - McCain Up By 3%, 9-14-08 (Solid!)
McCain/Palin 48%
Obama/Biden 45%

Pennsylvania - All Tied Up, 9-14-08 (Love Pat's Steaks 9th and Wharton!)
McCain/Palin 47%
Obama/Biden 47%

Virginia - All Tied Up, 9-14-08 (Will Personally Bring This One Home!)
McCain/Palin 48%
Obama/Biden 48%

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