Friday, September 12, 2008

Blogger Buzz: McCain-Palin Experience Strong Western "Surge;" Obama/Biden Begin to Crumble in West

(Scene from yesterday's (9-11-08) visit to NYC by Senator McCain with wife Cindy greeting first responders and thanking them for their service. It is that Country First, Serve Others attitude that is catching on here, there and out West. The pic is courtesy of Meghan McCain's - love her blog, check it out, oh and she is a Scorpio.)
Yes Senator Obama, although you and the Hard Left, MSNBC, Pelosi and Harry Reid and other Liberal Elitists continue to deny that the "Surge" and our Troops have been a Complete Success in Iraq, the people of the Great NW and Mountain West (and Virginia of course) have taken notice and certain chickens are coming home to roost!
Check out the SURGE of Support for McCain-Palin in the Western States.
I predict Obama-Biden will start to crumble as now they have lost any prospect in the West and now may very well lose Oregon and Washington State! The best part is that the GOP can now get a little more aggressive and go on the offense to secure Virginia and work even harder in WA, OR, MI, PA and NH!
Oh and by the way, I just loved the line from Senator Joe Biden who admitted yesterday that Obama made a huge error in judgment by selecting him over Senator Hillary Clinton to be his No. 2. Way to support the Team - Joe!
Anyway, now to the point of this post, check out these phenomenal polling results, released only moments ago from the Rasmussen Reports:

Washington State (+10% change in favor of McCain/Palin and Only Down by -2%)
Sept. 10, 2008: McCain/Palin--47%; Obama/Biden--49%
Aug. 6, 2008: McCain-----------40%; Obama----------52%
Montana (+10% change in favor of McCain/Palin and Lead by +11%)
Sept. 9, 2008: McCain/Palin---53%; Obama/Biden--42%
July 29, 2008: McCain----------45%; Obama----------44%
New Mexico (+8% change in favor of McCain/Palin and Lead by +2%)
Sept. 8, 2008: McCain/Palin---49%; Obama/Biden--47%
Aug. 20, 2008: McCain---------41%; Obama----------47%
North Dakota (+12% change in favor of McCain/Palin and Lead by +14% (WOW!))
Sept. 8, 2008: McCain/Palin--55%; Obama/Biden--41%
July 8 , 2008: McCain----------43%; Obama---------43%

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