Monday, September 15, 2008

More good news for the McCain Camp: Ohio Solidifying and Minnesota Now Tied

Two Latest Ohio State Polls have the McCain-Palin ticket up by +4% outside the margin of error and Minnesota is now all tied up at 45% each. With the help of a truly Reform Ticket that will change Washington led by Senator McCain, Independents moving toward supporting the McCain-Palin ticket and the excitment and enthusiasm brought to the ticket by Governor Palin, we should expect these polls to continue to tighten. (h/t RCP)

University of Cincinnati Poll Shows Ohio is For McCain-Palin
September 12, 2008
McCain/Palin 48% Obama/Biden 44%

Suffolk poll shows McCain leading Obama 46%-42% in Ohio
By Jessica Fargen
Monday, September 15, 2008

Sen. John McCain leads Sen. Barack Obama by a slim margin in the key battleground state of Ohio, where voters say they trust McCain more than Obama and identify the most with hockey mom Sarah Palin, according to a Suffolk University poll out this morning.

The GOP “maverick” ticket of McCain and Alaska Gov. Palin led Democrat Obama and his vice president pick, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden 46 percent to 42 percent in the general election - just 56 days away, according to a poll of likely Buckeye state voters.

Likely voters told pollsters they trust McCain more than Obama - 49 percent to 41 percent.


Minnesota Poll: Obama, McCain are dead even at 45% in state
Barack Obama and John McCain are tied with 45 percent support, raising the stakes in the campaign.

Last update: September 15, 2008

Minnesota has become a battleground in a presidential campaign that has dramatically tightened nationwide.

A new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll shows that the race is now a dead heat between Barack Obama and John McCain, each supported by 45 percent of likely voters in the state.

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