Monday, September 8, 2008

ICYMI: Virginia Women for McCain Big Hit; Strong Women Make Renewed All Hands on Deck Call to Support Palin!


For Immediate Release
Contact: Press Office
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today issued the following statement regarding Governor Sarah Palin's acceptance of the vice presidential nomination, making her only the second woman in American history to run on a major party ticket.


U.S. Representative Thelma Drake, Virginia Campaign Honorary Statewide Co-Chair:

"Tonight was an exciting and historic night for our Republican delegates in St. Paul and for our country. Governor Palin successfully made the case to the millions of viewers at home for why a McCain-Palin administration will be able to strengthen our economy, protect us on the home front, and provide American families with relief at the pump. Sarah Palin wasn't afraid to challenge the status quo in Anchorage and she will bring the same maverick streak to the nation's capital. She is a woman of great courage and a proven ability to achieve results, not just empty promises. Voters in Virginia and across the country are becoming invigorated at the opportunity to support a ticket that will restore the basic Republican principles of fiscal responsibility and reforming government."

Susan Allen, Former First Lady of Virginia, Women for McCain:

"Tonight was an historic night for women across our great country. It was thrilling to watch Governor Sarah Palin as she showed American voters that she is a strong leader, effective reformer, and ready to take on Washington. To change Washington, it's going to take a team of mavericks who have a record of accomplishment in shaking up the status quo. Governor Palin is a tough executive who has demonstrated during her time in office that she is ready to be vice president. Sarah Palin makes John McCain's ticket even stronger because, like him, she is a leader and a reformer who knows how to get things done for American families. Washington is broken and John McCain will fix it with the help of Sarah Palin."

Lori Ann Miller, Women for McCain from Alexandria, Young Republican Federation of Virginia Chairman:

"Sarah Palin's speech tonight has energized voters in Virginia to back a presidential ticket of real, proven reform. John McCain and Sarah Palin are strong leaders with the undeniable reputation of shaking things up. That's what we need in Washington in order to accomplish real reform and achieve real results when it comes to a stronger economy, stronger military and energy independence. Governor Palin has a record of accomplishment that Barack Obama simply doesn't have. She has spent her time in office reforming government in Alaska while Barack Obama has spent his time in office running for president. Sarah Palin is exactly who we need in Washington to help John McCain get real results for hard working families like mine. As a young professional and mother-to-be, I am proud to campaign for John McCain and Sarah Palin."


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