Tuesday, September 16, 2008

LA Times: Obama Campaign in Utter Disarray

Yes friends, this LA Times article is probably the best article I have read in a few weeks. Jonah Goldberg at the LA Times does an excellent job at calling out what is truly going on here behind Obama's new negative ad that demonstrates why the Dems are in utter disarray.
What I find so personally offensive about Obama's latest ad is that as Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, Senator McCain knows more about telecom, the Internet and technology, than probably anyone who has run for President including Mr. Al "I invented the Internet" Gore. To say anything different is truly an intentional distortion. Read this entire article for back-up as to why certain Obama supporters in 2000 were saying then that McCain was Internet Savvy and well-versed in the uses of Technology. Just look at the McCain campaign's use of Facebook, meet ups and the like, this is not someone unfamiliar with the Internet.

More importantly, Obama had to run this disrespectful TV ad now in certain swing states because Obama has seen as much as a 10-point polling loss in those states because of his old guard pre-Clinton liberal ideology as compared to the McCain/Palin reform ticket. Obama thinks his ad proves McCain is out of touch! I think it proves Obama is out of touch because Americans do not like when someone Disrespects Our Veterans, Our Leaders and Real American Heroes. If you can't tell, these ads have fired me up and will fire up our Veterans in Hampton Roads and NoVa who do not like one of their own getting picked on.

E-mail to Obama: dishonest TV ad, wrong audience
The Democrat's latest attack on John McCain takes poor aim at his age and knowledge of technology.

Excerpt from Los Angeles Times
By: Jonah Goldberg
September 16, 2008

After running a brilliant and historic primary battle to defeat Hillary Clinton, the Obama campaign is now in disarray. Why?

Perhaps it's because Barack Obama has never run a competitive race against a Republican. After all, Obama won his U.S. Senate seat in Illinois by running against Alan Keyes, a fire-and-brimstone, right-wing black carpetbagger from Maryland (or perhaps Mars) who had no real ties to Illinois.

Now, facing John McCain's blistering ads, Obama seems unable to fight fire with fire. The Democratic rank and file are furious (while simultaneously denouncing McCain's negativity). Obama, they may be realizing, doesn't know how to close the deal.
To prove his new found determination to go bare knuckle against McCain, Obama unveiled a new TV ad, to air in key states...[that includes the]...charge of computer illiteracy and the blatant attempt to attack McCain as too old for the job -- and that speaks volumes.
One reason McCain is not versed in the mechanical details of sending e-mail and typing on a keyboard is that the North Vietnamese broke his fingers and shattered both of his arms. As Forbes, Slate and the Boston Globe reported in 2000, McCain's injuries make using a keyboard painfully laborious. He mostly relies on his wife and staff to show him e-mails and websites, though he says he's getting up to speed."

It's extraordinary," Obama spokesman Dan Pfeiffer said, "that someone who wants to be our president and our commander in chief doesn't know how to send an e-mail."

For the record, President Clinton sent exactly two e-mails while in office, according to the archives in his presidential library. Besides, by this logic, Obama is even less qualified to be commander in chief because, unlike McCain, Obama has never fired a gun, flown a plane or led men during wartime.

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