Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin's Phenomenal Performance Has Dems in Panic-Mode

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Governor Palin rocked the house last night set up by an amazing speech by America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani. After all of the mudslinging and personal attacks against the Palin family, the Governor delivered a frightening blow to the hard left.

The media bias is so profound because they know Senator McCain made the one pick they had not thought about or how to ruin. Sarah Palin is an excellent choice and we will continue to defend her and show her great attributes unlike the Left would do for Senator Clinton.

As one of our many steps to fight back, Young Republican Federation of Virginia Chairman, Lori-Ann Miller appeared on CBS yesterday, Channel 9 WUSA in the DC and Northern Virginia markets to defend Governor Palin and convey how excited professional women like her are about our new Vice Presidential nominee. A historic choice for all voters this fall. YRFV Chairman Miller countered the Emily's List Director that Govenor Palin indeed does have the executive experience at the local Mayor level and Statewide level to help Senator McCain win in November. It is good to see a statewide leader fight back and defend the Governor.

Click here to view YRFV Chairman Lori-Ann Miller's appearance on CBS News.

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