Friday, September 12, 2008

Game Changer: McCain/Palin Take First Lead in Michigan

Yes, We Lead in Michigan! This is a GREAT DAY for Team McCain!

After the great news about the Western Surge, where voters from Washington State and New Mexico are now siding with the McCain/Palin Ticket because they believe in the message of Bringing Reform to Washington, DC and that the McCain/Palin ticket can work with the other side of the aisle.

Now, we receive this great news in a just released poll from Insider Advantage that John McCain and Sarah Palin have taken their first lead as a ticket in Michgan!
Insider Advantage/Poll Position (h/t Real Clear Politics)
State of Michigan General Election Poll
Date of Interview September 10, 2008
503 Likely Voters

McCain/Palin 45%
If that weren't enough, check out the latest National Polls! McCain/Palin lead by 3% or 4% in each National Poll!

Gallup Tracking (09/09/08 - 09/11/08); 2726 Registered Voters
McCain/Palin 48%
Obama/Biden 45%
Rasmussen Tracking (09/09/08 - 09/11/08); 3000 Likely Voters
McCain/Palin 48%
Obama/Biden 45%
Associated Press/GfK (09/05/08 - 09/10/08); 812 Likely Voters
McCain/Palin 48%
Obama/Biden 44%
FOX News (09/08/08 - 09/09/08); 900 Registered Voters
McCain/Palin 45%
Obama/Biden 42%

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