Monday, February 11, 2008

Virginians, All Hands on Deck! Tomorrow is GOP Primary Election Day (February 12, 2008) Vote for John McCain!

The Commonwealth of Virginia is holding its Republican 2008 Presidential Primary tomorrow, February 12, 2008! Hello...It is Finally ELECTION DAY PEOPLE!

Make sure and exercise your right to vote. Remember Freedom is not Free, so make the most of it and come out to support John McCain tomorrow. Go to the Polls tomorrow and Stand Strong for Freedom.

Encourage friends and family to vote for John McCain as well. In addition to exercising democracy, Primaries are one of our few ways we can identify Republicans in Virginia for future elections--so please come out to vote to help build our Virginia Republican Party.

Click here to visit the Virginia State Board of Elections to find out where you are supposed to vote tomorrow!

Although the Virginia Republican Primary Ballot will have six Republican candidates on it, all but three are still actively pursuing the 2008 Republican nomination. The right candidate who is: "Too Tough to Die" and "Will Never Surrender" for the American People is John McCain.

Remember President Ronald Reagan's quote when he assumed office: "The Only Way to Guarantee Peace is to Surrender." This is not a time to have Commander-in-Chief who needs to learn on the job. John McCain will beat Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the General Election in November.
Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson will both appear on tomorrow's Virginia ballot, but they are out of the 2008 GOP race and have endorsed John McCain for President.

Delegate Chris Saxman, U.S. Senator John Warner and former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore serve as John McCain's 2008 Presidential Campaign Co-Chairmen for Virginia.

Former U.S. Senator and Governor George Allen, former Governor Jim Gilmore, Attorney General Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and U.S. Representatives Tom Davis, Thelma Drake and Eric Cantor and Actor Sylvester Stallone have all endorsed John McCain for President.
See you tomorrow night at 7pm in Alexandria, Virginia at the McCain '08 Victory Party - Holiday Inn and Conference Center, Historic Old Town Alexandria!

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