Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Letter From McCain '08 Campaign Manager Rick Davis: Join the McCain Aces Today

Dear Friend,
It has been an exciting and hard-fought few months. Support from McCainiacs nationwide fuels our campaign and helps spread our message to fellow supporters who will cast primary votes.

You are one of our strongest supporters, and I join the Senator and our entire campaign organization in expressing our deep gratitude for your commitment.

Your steadfast support fueled a surging campaign through the primaries that is now poised to win the Republican nomination. We should all be proud to stand with John McCain he is ready to be the next President of the United States.

As a special way of saying thanks, we have a unique opportunity for you to stand up and be recognized through our new 'McCain Aces' supporter group. With a donation of $25 dollars or more, you will become a 'McCain Ace' and your name will be permanently featured on our website's 'McCain Aces' board. This wall of recognition will be a record of your support for John McCain. It takes courage to stand with the right presidential candidate through thick and thin, we want to recognize your efforts and commitment.

Please make a donation today by following this link. Once you've made your contribution, your name will appear on

The more Aces we have on our board, the better. After you join, please ask your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to join you in taking a public stand for John McCain.
We have already begun to see the stepped-up attacks from our Democratic opponents and the liberal media. Our country needs John McCain as its next commander in chief, and it's up to us - his most dedicated supporters - to ensure he is the Republican nominee for president. Thank you.

Rick Davis, Campaign Manager

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