Sunday, February 10, 2008

Attorney General Bob McDonnell Endorses John McCain for President

(Now the whole FDT team has endorsed John McCain for President: Former Senators Fred Thompson and George Allen and here, Attorney General Bob McDonnell.)
Dear Friend,
Yesterday, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney formally ended his campaign for President. With this decision, it is now clear that Senator John McCain will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2008. I will be supporting Senator McCain and I urge all Republicans, independents, and fair-minded Democrats to join me.
I served, along with my good friend Governor George Allen, as the Co-Chairman of the Fred Thompson campaign in Virginia. He is a consistent conservative, and for that reason Fred Thompson found strong support among Virginia conservatives. Unfortunately, with such a late start to the race, the Thompson campaign was never able to get the traction it needed.
Now it is time for our party to unify around our nominee, Senator John McCain of Arizona.
John McCain's heroic service to our nation needs no retelling. He is a highly decorated war hero and former POW. Only a few other Americans can truly understand what he went through for our nation. His personal experience bolstered his passion for freedom. His valor is unmatched, his sense of duty unquestioned, his love of country unparallelled. As a veteran myself, with a daughter who has served in Iraq, I can say with confidence that there is no candidate more qualified to lead our armed services in this global war against terrorism.
Senator McCain has been a stalwart champion of fiscal responsibility and a vocal opponent of runaway earmarks and excessive government spending. He is pro-life and he has consistently voted for life and traditional values. Throughout his service in the United States Senate, John McCain has earned an 82% lifetime conservative ranking from the American Conservative Union.
I know there is significant concern with some of John McCain's positions over the years. I have very much disagreed with some of his views on immigration, energy policy and campaign finance. However, the Republican nominating contest is effectively over. John McCain is going to be our nominee. He will face either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the general election. The stakes are too high and the differences are too vast, to not do all we can to ensure that John McCain is elected the next President of the United States.
John McCain will be a strong Commander-in-Chief in waging the War on Terror, while either Democrat would vacillate. John McCain will appoint strict constructionist judges to the bench, the Democrats will not. John McCain knows you grow an economy and bolster free enterprise by keeping taxes low and limiting government regulation, the Democrats believe in higher taxes and spending, and more government programs. John McCain will make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Both Democrats would eliminate them.
These are not slight differences in philosophy. These are fundamental differences on the crucial issues of our time, and the direction American takes on these economic and international policies will be determined by our choice for President. The stakes could not be higher.
I thank Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee for their spirited campaigns and immense contributions to the debate about the future of our nation. They have ensured the vitality of the nominating process and enlivened our democracy.
I will be casting my vote for John McCain this Tuesday. After that, I will be doing all I can to unify our party, promote our vision for America, and keep a Republican in the White House.
I hope you will join me in electing John McCain the next President of the United States.

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