Saturday, February 2, 2008

Senator John Warner Campaigns Today (2-2-08) for John McCain

(Pictured above: Sen. John Warner, Co-Chairman of John McCain's 2008 Campaign in Virginia, delivers the keynote address at a recent annual parade celebrating the Marine Corps birthday at the United States Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Va. Today, Sen. Warner campaigned in New Jersey.)

February 2, 2008

HACKENSACK, N.J. — It was Groundhog Day today, when Senator John W. Warner, Republican of Virginia, returned to New Jersey. Like the famous weather-caster, sporting a similar mane of silvery hair, Mr. Warner said his piece and made a hasty retreat. But instead of his shadow, Mr. Warner, who stumped for Senator John McCain at a Bergen County Republican forum here, saw a sea of Ron Paul supporters.
Many in attendance were impressed by Mr. Warner’s appearance. Gary Berner, 55, the municipal chair of Lyndhurst, said that the senator’s appearance “enlivened the party in the county.”
Mr. Warner, 80, wore a navy blue sport jacket and a tie that he said Ronald Reagan had given him. The red, white and blue neckpiece had the words, “Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport” emblazoned on it.

“It’s my most prized piece of memorabilia,” he said.

Mr. McCain is the best candidate to keep America safe from terrorists while boosting the economy by cutting all unnecessary government spending, Mr. Warner said.

Rob Ortiz, the chairman of the Bergen County Republican Organization, who was the M.C. for the event, brought laughter and jeers when he mistakenly said that Mr. Warner would speak “on behalf of President McCain.”

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