Saturday, February 2, 2008

John McCain Names 2008 Virginia Campaign Leadership

(Pictured above: Delegate Chris Saxman (R-20) serves as Co-Chairman of John McCain's 2008 Campaign in Virginia. He is joined by fellow Co-Chairmen U.S. Senator John Warner and former Virginia AG Jerry Kilgore)

From the McCain08 Newsroom
ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced its Virginia Leadership Team that will lead the growing grassroots organization on behalf of John McCain's candidacy in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

"Thirty-five years ago, when I was Secretary of the Navy during the war in Vietnam, I came to know Commander John McCain well," said Senator John Warner. "We established a bond of strong friendship and respect that has extended through our many years in the U.S. Senate."

John has a strong and unwavering commitment to the principles that he has so clearly put forward in this campaign. He is a proven leader. It has been a privilege for me to campaign for him and by his side in both South Carolina and Florida, and I look forward to working with this remarkable leadership team right here in Virginia as Senator McCain campaigns for the Presidency of the United States."

John McCain thanked his Virginia leadership, saying, "I thank Senator Warner for his support and friendship. I am very proud of the team of supporters we have in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and I am confident that with their leadership we are well on our way to victory on Super Tuesday."

Former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore
Delegate Chris Saxman
U.S Senator John Warner
Steering Committee
U.S. Representative Tom Davis
Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger
Delegate Dave Albo -- Chairman, Courts of Justice
Delegate Bill Carrico
Delegate Tom Gear
Delegate Phil Hamilton -- Chairman, Health, Welfare and Institutions, Vice-Chairman, Appropriations
Senator Robert Hurt
Delegate Terry Kilgore -- Chairman, Commerce and Labor
Delegate Joe May -- Chairman, Transportation
Delegate Don Merricks
Senator Ryan McDougle
Delegate Dave Nutter
Delegate John O'Bannon
Delegate Glenn Oder
Delegate Robert Orrock
Delegate Ed Scott
Delegate Bob Tata -- Chairman, Education Committee

Steven Apicella -- former chairman, Stafford County Republican Party
David Avella -- 8th Congressional District Chairman
Constance Bedell -- Executive Director, Coalition Against the Tax Referendum
Chris Braunlich -- former member, Fairfax County School Board
Bob Calhoun -- former State Senator
Vincent Callahan -- former Delegate, 20 terms
Paulina Y. "Polly" Campbell -- Secretary, Republican Party of Virginia
Coby Dillard -- Iraq War veteran, USN
Frank and Becki Donatelli
Wyatt Durrette -- Virginia Republican nominee for Attorney General 1981and 1985 nominee for Governor, 1976 and 1980 Chairman Virginia for Reagan campaign
Tony Elar -- Warren County Republican Party Chairman, former Giuliani coordinator
Paul Galanti -- former Vietnam POW with McCain and retired Navy commander
Jason Gray -- 4th Congressional District Chairman
Jimmy Hazel
Buzz Hawley -- former member, Virginia State Central Republican Committee
Pete Hegseth -- Executive Director of Vets for Freedom, Iraq War veteran, Bronze Star recipient
R. Christian Hoff
Jim Hyland -- Fairfax County Republican Party Chairman
Shaun Kenney -- Former Communications Director, Republican Party of Virginia
Bobbie Kilberg
Bill Kilberg
Michael Lowe -- Matthews County Republican Party Chairman
Fred Malek -- Finance Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia
Courtney M. Malveaux -- Chairman, Richmond Republican Committee
Bruce Meyer -- 2nd Congressional District Chairman, former Thompson coordinator
Connie Meyer -- Chairwoman, Virginia Republican Professional Network
J. Randall Minchew -- immediate past Chairman, Loudoun Republican Committee
Rick Neel -- Treasurer of Republican Party of Virginia
Wayne Ozmore -- former 4th Congressional District Chairman
Carter Pate
Ridge Porter
Daniel Presgraves -- Sheriff, Page County, incoming Page County Republican Party Chairman
Pam Pryor
Bryan M. Rhode -- Assistant Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney
John Sherman -- retired CEO Scott & Stringfellow
Craig Shirley -- author, Reagan's Revolution
Ed Slavis -- Iraq War veteran, served three tours, fought in 2004 Battle for Fallujah
Chuck Smith -- Virginia Beach Republican Party Chairman
Andrew Shelnutt -- Student Body President George Mason University
Roger Sullivan -- President Virginia Vets Coalition
Lee Talley -- 2nd Senatorial District Chairman
Peter L .Trible, Jr. -- Essex County Republican Committee Chairman
Joseph P. Underwood -- former Fairfax County Republican Party Chairman
Wade Zirkle -- Founder of Vets for Freedom. Iraq War Veteran, Purple Heart recipient


akshay said...

i havent noticed many of our congressmen listed here. i just emailed cantor on why i havent heard he was endorsing mccain. cant hurt to let them know how we feel

Virginian for McCain said...

I agree with you 100%. In their defense, like myself, they may have been supporting Rudy, Fred or Duncan, but with Feb. 12th coming so soon for us here in Virginia, the time is now. I agree it would be nice to see Congressman Cantor sign on with a winner like John McCain, but I predict he will not until September. I am hopeful the Congressman's consultant would not drag him into supporting Mitt Romney. That would be a huge mistake.