Wednesday, February 6, 2008

RTD: Super Tuesday Victory = John McCain Clear Favorite of the Republican Party

(Pictured above: John and Cindy McCain celebrate the Arizona Senator's Super Tuesday victory with a crowd of supporters in Phoenix, Arizona)

With over 300 attendees at the YP4McCain Reception last night in DC, the momentum and excitement was contagious. Great Super Tuesday victory for Senator John McCain. On to the Feb. 12th Chesapeake Primary (DC, MD, VA)! See you at CPAC tomorrow!

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Feburary 6, 2008
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A split decision written across a vast electoral map has locked Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton in a protracted struggle for the Democratic presidential nomination, while John McCain goes forward as the clear favorite of the Republican race. McCain, whose campaign once verged on collapse, piled up more delegates than his two rivals combined, pushing over the halfway mark on what's needed to clinch the nomination.
McCain's own victory in California dealt a crushing blow to his closest pursuer, Romney, a former Massachusetts governor.

"We've won some of the biggest states in the country," the Arizona senator told cheering supporters at a rally in Phoenix, hours before California fell his way. An underdog for months, he proclaimed himself the front-runner at last, and added. "I don't really mind it one bit."
In the competition that counted the most, the Arizona senator had 613 delegates, to 269 for Romney and 190 for Huckabee in incomplete counting. It takes 1,191 to win the GOP nomination.
McCain...won in California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Missouri, Delaware and his home state of Arizona - each of them winner-take-all primaries. He also pocketed victories in Oklahoma and Illinois.

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Anonymous said...

Big Win for McCain yesterday and he was very close in the Southern States!