Thursday, March 27, 2008

Outrage II: Obama's Top Military Adviser: NYC/Miami Jews and Born-Again Christians are the Problem

[Note: Wow, after last week, it just keeps getting worse for Obama. First, the racially-charged anti-USA issues created by Pastor Jeremiah Wright. Now the anti-Semitic views voiced by his top military adviser. Obama your closest allies "are coming home to roost." As a Catholic with Jewish roots, this type of bigotry is disgraceful and unacceptable. I assume Obama will defend his top military adviser as well? This may be an electoral blowout for McCain]

McPeak on Display
By Robert M. Goldberg
The American Spectator
Published 3/24/2008

Last week, Barack Obama's military adviser and national campaign co-chairman Merrill "Tony" McPeak accused former President Bill Clinton of "using divisive tactics and unfairly trying to question Barack Obama's patriotism."
Well, it is likely that Obama will soon be having to retract Merrill McPeak. McPeak, who was arrested last year for driving under the influence, apparently has a problem controlling more than his thirst for fermented beverages. He also has a penchant for bashing Israel or, more particularly, Jews who oppose negotiating with terrorists.
In recent years McPeak has echoed the Mearsheimer-Walt view that American Middle East policy is being controlled by Jews at the expense of America's interests in the region. In a 2003 interview with the Oregonian, McPeak complained of that the "lack of playbook for getting Israelis and Palestinians together at...something other than a peace process....We need to get it fixed and only we have the authority with both sides to move them towards that. Everybody knows that."

The interviewer asked McPeak: "So where's the problem? State? White House?"

McPeak replied: "New York City. Miami. We have a large vote -- vote, here in favor of Israel. And no politician wants to run against it."

Translation (as if it's needed): Jews -- who put Israel over every American interest -- control America's policy on the Middle East. And McPeak has the audacity to accuse Bill Clinton of McCarthyism.

McPeak also claims that a combination of Jews and Christian Zionists are manipulating U.S. policy in Iraq in dangerous and radical ways: "Let's say that one of your abiding concerns is the security of Israel as opposed to a purely American self-interest, then it would make sense to build a dozen or so bases in Iraq. Let's say you are a born-again Christian and you think that Armageddon and the rapture are about to happen any minute and what you want to do is retrace steps you think are laid out in Revelations, then it makes sense. So there are a number of scenarios here that could lead you in this direction. This is radical...."


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Robert Goldberg is vice president of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

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