Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For Virginians, Obama v. McCain = Easy Choice; We Will Defend America Not Render Her Helpless

Believe it or not, these two YouTube videos put the entire 2008 Presidential election in perspective. If Barack Obama is the Dem nominee, in his own words, he would leave America defenseless, helpless and we could very well lose our position as the sole super power.

Just listen to his "own" words and you quickly start to imagine a Free World led by Barack Obama where his first goal as President is to Disarm America.

On the other hand, watch Man in the Arena. Clearly, John McCain would follow the strong, powerful leadership of some of the World's greatest leaders. Anyway, try to be objective for just 52 seconds as you watch the Obama video.

Do you really want our next President to disarm us as he promises in his own words here? I sure don't and I bet you didn't know this part of his Hope-filled mission. Remember as Reagan told us: The Only Guarantee of Peace is Surrender. America should never surrender.

Click above or click here to watch 52 seconds of Senator Obama detailing how he would make us a weaker nation in a dangerous world. (h/t HRC supporter)

Click above or click here to watch John McCain show the Pride and Loyalty he has for our Nation that we should all have. In good times and bad, we should support the USA and our troops fighting to protect our way of life.

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