Sunday, March 9, 2008

McCain Issues Bold Challenge on Earmarks - Surely, Liberal Dems will not answer this call

[Note: Hasn't the Government spent enough of our hard-earned taxpayer money on Pork-Barrel Projects and Wasteful Spending? Spending is Out of Control at the State and Federal Level! Now Obama and Clinton want to do away with the Bush 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, meaning Harry Reid and Babs Boxer, the Liberal Dems want to raise our taxes. Take this no Earmark pledge first!]

Statement By John McCain On One Year Moratorium On Earmarks
For Immediate Release
March 8, 2008
Contact: Press Office 703-650-5550

ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain today issued the following statement in support of imposing a one-year moratorium on earmarks:

"Next week, as the Senate begins to address this year's budget, I will join with Senator Jim DeMint, in sponsoring an amendment to impose a one-year moratorium on earmarks. The American public has spoken: No More 'Bridges to Nowhere.' We should begin now.

"I call on my Democratic colleagues, Senators Clinton and Obama, to join me in supporting the DeMint amendment and make this a bipartisan effort to return the budget to a focus on genuine national priorities. And, in the spirit of openness and transparency in government, I call on them to fully disclose all of their earmark requests while serving in the U.S. Senate.

"I am committed to reforming the federal government. I hope that all those seeking higher office will support change in the right direction by taking action to rein in wasteful spending and begin to restore the trust in government that the American people demand."

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