Friday, March 28, 2008

First 2008 General Election Ad: John McCain: The American President Americans Have Been Waiting For

Click above to see John McCain's first 2008 General Election Advertisement

I tell you this is what I saw in John McCain in New Hampshire even when I was an ardent Fred Thompson supporter. There is something intangible about John McCain that makes you want to be proud of him, his service and America. Talk about contrasts, I have now completely changed my mind. I hope Obama rather than Hillary wins the Democrat nomination. If he does, I believe while close, we will win a victory for Republicans. As you can see, Obama's judgment is quite poor when it comes to who he surrounds himself with: Wright and McPeak. We cannot take such risks as a Country and that is why McCain will win the Day.

John McCain 2008 Releases First Ad Of General Election, Launches "Service To America" Tour
March 28, 2008

ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today released the first television ad of the general election. The ad, entitled "624787," poses important questions to the American people about what values they want in their next president, and highlights John McCain's experience, character and optimistic vision for our future. "624787" will run statewide in the important battleground state of New Mexico.


The campaign further announced that on Monday, John McCain will embark on a "Service to America" tour where he will introduce himself to the nation through a series of speeches and visits that trace the life of a man indebted to his nation, humbled by the opportunity to serve his country, honored by his family's love and deeply moved by his fellow Americans' courage and sacrifice. The tour will highlight the events and figures that shaped his views of right and wrong, forgiveness and grace and the tradition of service and sacrifice ingrained in him from generations of McCains. This "Service to America" tour will fundamentally be about the future of America and the change John McCain will bring as president, informed by the values that have guided his life.

Further details on the "Service to America" tour will be released today.

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