Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ohio and Texas - The Beginning of Our GOP General Election Campaign

Springfield News Sun: Veteran Lawmaker Can Help GOP Regain Nation's Trust

By Editorial
Springfield News Sun (OH)
March 3, 2008

If Clark and Champaign County Republicans want their candidate to hold the White House in November, they should run and not walk to the polls Tuesday to vote for Arizona Sen. John McCain.

He is the most capable GOP candidate the party has nominated since Bob Dole, and he has a realistic vision for how he would lead this country. The race for the Republican nomination is all but over and McCain has rightly been chosen by GOP voters as the best in the field.

But a strong showing by GOP voters Tuesday is what the McCain campaign needs in order to compete for votes from a general electorate that clearly is seeking a change in the direction of this country.

[Note: According to multiple sources close to the Huckabee campaign, Governor Huckabee will bow out of the GOP 2008 primary race tonight or tomorrow. A number of his staffers were let go just before the weekend as a sign that things were winding down. Congratulations Governor Huckabee on your campaign and persistence. Now, we hope you do your part to help people come together to ensure a GOP victory for Senator McCain in November.]


colecurtis said...

If this is true this shows the true gentleman and gracious opponent Mr. Huckabee is. Maybe he will take the step that shows his true republican colors and back Senator McCain and help to unify this party. Thank you Mr. Huckabee in advance Chuck Norris can still kiss a big one.

Virginian for McCain said...

Let's hope so. I assume he was trying to stay in long enough to overtake Mitt Romney in delegate count. With RNC Committeeman Morton Blackwell's endorsement today for Senator McCain, the thought of a brokered convention is over...