Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Message from Bob McDonnell on LG's Decision to Run for Re-election

[Note: This is a great week for the Attorney General, with Lt. Gov. Bolling deciding to run for re-election, this clears the way for a unified GOP ticket anchored by McDonnell-Bolling. The only question now is who will run for AG and complete one of the strongest statewide tickets in modern Virginia GOP history! There is a lot of work to do yet for 2008 to make sure McCain beats Barack Obama, Gilmore beats Warner and Rep. Thelma Drake and Candidate Keith Fimian win, but 2009 is now looking much better for Republicans in the Commonwealth.

Virginians are also starting to realize that the version of the transportation bill he assisted with instructed localities to make the tax increase decision (which Sen. Creigh Deeds and Jim Moran's brother voted against) and that only after Governor Kaine amended the provision to take away the power from the localities and shift it to the regional authorities and strip the high drunk driver fees from being applicable to out-of-staters. So Kaine made sure to penalize only in-state drivers. After these Kaines-made changes, only then did Sen. Creigh Deeds and Del. Brian Moran vote FOR the bill.]

A Message from Bob McDonnell

As you may know, earlier today Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling announced that he will seek re-election as Lieutenant Governor next year. I strongly endorse Bill in his re-election effort. As I begin to prepare for my campaign for Governor, I greatly look forward to running with Bill on a Republican ticket that will advance prosperity and opportunity and bring new energy and conservative leadership to Virginia.

Bill Bolling is a talented, principled Lieutenant Governor. He has led on the floor of the Senate, in the halls of the Capitol, and all across Virginia. This past session alone, Bill Bolling discovered the unconstitutional misappropriation of lottery funds in the state budget process. I was pleased to be able to back Bill up on this with an official legal opinion verifying his findings after he brought them to my attention. Bill also fought hard to restore budget funding for abstinence education. Rarely has a Lieutenant Governor taken the lead on two such high profile issues during a legislative session. Virginia is better managed because of Bill's leadership.

Bill and I have spoken at length about his decision to seek reelection. We speak often, discussing everything from how our children are doing to the crucial issues facing our Commonwealth. Bill is someone whose opinion I place in the highest regard. We are f riends who share the same values, and the same commitment to solving problems, making government work better, and improving the quality of life for all our citizens.

In the course of our recent conversations Bill and I discussed next year's elections, and the tremendous opportunity in front of us. Virginia Republicans have not held the office of Governor for the last two terms. That is a lifetime in the public policy arena. There are pressing challenges in education, immigration, spending, public safety and other areas that demand innovative Republican leadership to be effectively addressed.

The first key to winning back the office of Governor is returning unity to our party. By Republicans uniting early, and listening to all Virginians, while the Democrats face a lengthy primary contest, we will gain a significant and powerful advantage heading into the general election next November. Bill and I will work hard to ensure this happens.
We are prepared to do something rare in Virginia politics. We will run as a ticket: McDonnell-Bolling. Bill will have a significant and visible role in my campaign. He will not only be my running mate, he will be a trusted advisor and sounding board. We will travel Virginia together, to earn the trust of the citizens in order to return practical, conservative leadership to Richmond.

Over the next year, while continuing to serve you as Attorney General of this great Commonwealth, I will also be speaking more about the upcoming campaign, meeting with all of you, and preparing to meet the opportunities that lie in front of us. And, I will be vocally and vigorously promoting the reelection campaign of my great friend, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling. It is time we bring conservative common-sense leadership back to Richmond. That effort starts today.

Bob McDonnell

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