Thursday, March 6, 2008

Big General Election Issue: Obama Policy Adviser: Neither Hillary nor Obama are Ready for Prime Time as Commander-in-Chief! Ouch!

Click above or click Video to see the Obama Sr. Policy Advisor "Punk Out" her boss with a dose of reality saying that he is not Prepared to take tha 3AM National Security call.

The Caucus Blog: Obama Aide: Neither Candidate Ready For 3 A.M. Call
March 6, 2008
New York Times Politics Blog
By Kate Phillips

As Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton prepares for an afternoon news conference here in Washington, where she is to be surrounded by “military officers,” her campaign has put up a YouTube moment that you can bet will be replayed over and over.

In it, Susan Rice, a foreign policy adviser to Senator Barack Obama, discusses the foreign policy credentials of both Democrats against the tableau of Mrs. Clinton’s 3 a.m. phone call advertisement about who would be best prepared for an international crisis. (While your children are safely asleep.)

“Clinton hasn’t had to answer the phone at three o’clock in the morning and yet she attacked Barack Obama for not being ready,'’ Ms. Rice said. “They’re both not ready to have that 3 a.m. phone call.”

(The exit polls from Tuesday in Ohio and Texas showed that voters favored her more as commander-in-chief. Perhaps her 3 a.m. ad broadcast only in Texas but widely publicized helped to sway voters. Mr. Obama quickly released a response ad last week.)

[Note: In my mind, it is without question that Barack H. Obama is totally undermanned (no pun intended) for leading the free world, but we will see what the voters of Pennsylvania have to say about this...On the other hand, trying to mandate health care into some sort of socialized medicine program that will ruin our system while watching Bill Clinton's administration attack foreign policy issues is not the best training either!]

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