Saturday, August 30, 2008

YR Federation of Virginia Chairman Praises McCain Selection of Governor Sarah Palin as V.P.

Young Republican Federation of Virginia Statement on Sarah Palin
Palin adds enthusiasm and energy to the John McCain Ticket

For Immediate Release
Contact: Lori-Ann Miller
Krystle D. Weeks

August 29, 2008

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain named Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Palin adds strong, conservative leadership to the ticket. With an 80% approval rating in Alaska, Palin has been a solid leader on fiscal responsibility and has lead the fight for the development of new energy resources.

Young Republican Federation of Virginia Chairman, Lori-Ann Miller issued a statement on McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin for his running mate:

“Sarah Palin is a strong Vice Presidential pick that represents a fresh breath of air for those looking for representation in this election and someone who will make a difference in Washington, DC. As a soon-to-be mom myself, I admire what Sarah Palin has been able to achieve as both a professional executive rising to the level of Governor as well as being a mom of five children. With three daughters, one son off to Iraq in only a few weeks and a baby boy with the challenges of Down’s syndrome, she has been a successful manager both of a State and her family. One of the issues important to me is the pain we all face at the pump, there is no one that knows the issue of rising oil prices and how we can solve this problem better than someone who knows Alaska and its issues like Sarah Palin. Lastly, I can't stop thinking of the irony that Hillary Clinton was able to get so many women excited about politics and what a woman could do, but it is the Republican Party, not the Democrat Party, that is leading the way and elevating a smart and qualified woman like Sarah Palin to its 2008 ticket to win the White House. I feel confident that Governor Palin should be able to carry on the mantle left to her by Geraldine Ferraro's 1984 run, connect with women as a new and refreshing face and close the deal to help us win in 2008. As a young professional and mom-to-be, I am looking forward to campaigning for the McCain/Palin ticket.”
The Young Republican Federation of Virginia is enthusiastic about the recent selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate. This ticket offers the opportunity for the first woman Vice President and a running mate who is dedicated towards advancing the cause of freedom and prosperity for America.

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