Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Virginia Voting Guide Today 11-4-08

If you care about America, your future and you want to control your destiny, please vote Republican:

VOTE For President and Vice President:
John McCain and Sarah Palin - Republican

VOTE For U.S. Senate:
James Gilmore III - Republican

VOTE For U.S. Congress:
Rob Wittman - 1st District Republican
Thelma Drake - 2nd District Republican
Randy Forbes - 4th District Republican
Virgil Goode - 5th District Republican
Bob Goodlatte - 6th District Republican
Eric Cantor - 7th District Republican
Mark Ellmore - 8th District Republican
Frank Wolf - 10th District Republican
Keith Fimian - 11th District Republican

If you haven't yet voted, Virginia polls are open until 7:00 pm - and as long as you are in line to vote by 7:00 pm, you will be allowed to vote.

Not sure if you are registered or where you vote? Visit the Virginia State Board of Election website at www.sbe.virginia.gov.

If you have any trouble at the polls, please feel free to report suspicious activity at the polls to the McCain campaign at ElectionDayReports@JohnMcCain.com. Don't let Virginia become like the City of Philadelphia where members of the Black Panthers are blocking polling locations in the City with nightsticks to keep Republicans from voting. If you see any of these types of reverse racial intimidation tactics being used in Richmond, Norfolk or Northern Virginia, please report immediately.

The McCain-Palin campaign has also launched the Honest and Open Election hotline to help citizens find their polling place, as well as report irregularities at the polls, including voter fraud, intimidation, violence and electioneering. To reach the hotline, call: 866-976-VOTE.

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