Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wake Up Liberals: Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid! 67% of America is for Offshore Drilling to Lower Gas Prices

[Note: You have to love how the Obama Liberals are with only 18% of the Public on this one and the Conservatives, Independents and Freedom-Loving Democrats are with over 2/3 of the Public! There are ways to responsibly drill off the Virginia and Delmarva coast and there are environmentally friendly ways to liquify coal in SW Virginia. The Democrats however want working men and women in Virginia and the Nation to suffer?

Why I ask?

This will be a great question for Barack Obama, Mark Warner, Judy Feder, Gerry Connolly, Jim Moran and the other Dems running this fall who all want higher prices at the pump. Imagine this, Virginia would get to keep, from what I hear nearly 37% of the revenue for drilling offshore, wouldn't that be a nice way to solve our transportation issues?]

Vote McCain - Never Surrender our Personal or Economic Freedom!

Fox Business Network and Scott Rasmussen (Offshore Drilling Survey)
June 17, 2008

TV Eyes

TOM SULLIVAN: one way to get more oil, drill more wells right off the u.s. coast. scott rasmussen joins us with the results of his latest poll about that. what are people -- are they for or against it?

CHERYL CASONE: 67%, scott. i was shocked at that. were you?

SCOTT RASMUSSEN: i was shocked at one level at 67% favor what we thought was a controversial idea. only 18% opposed. but when i look at this with other data, people will do anything if it leads to lower gas prices.

CASONE: the environmentalists are screaming right now. [Yippee, note the Conservationists such as Teddy Roosevelt are cool and calm, only the ELF types are the whackjobs]

SULLIVAN: all 18% of them obviously.

well, actually we asked about -- there's a distinction. we asked about offshore drilling and 64%, a wildlife area in alaska, 53% but there's a sense you have to do something. there's a belief if you drill, it will lead to lower prices and the american people are clear, they don't like the idea that you have to conserve more or get a smaller car. they want new sources of energy as the solution.

i was struck across the board, democrats, republicans, conservatives, men, women, the way you break things down, there wasn't a group. the majority was always for offshore drilling.

RASMUSSEN: there are some differences, conservatives are more enthusiastic and by the way on other top picks, the liberals are more enthusiastic but the key is again across the board, people are saying let's do something to get the prices down. 47% believe private companies are more likely to find solutions rather than a government research program. 30% say it's a government research program that will do the trick. i suspect the real answer is whatever works.

CASONE: scott, populism is alive and well. great to see you.

SULLIVAN: thank you.

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