Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Save the Date: DC YP4McCain Event on May 1st

Dear DC Young Professionals for John McCain:

While the Democrats continue to duke it out, Senator McCain has spent his time since clinching the GOP nomination on Super Tuesday, campaigning throughout the country and unveiling several domestic policy initiatives. Recently, the Senator continued to discuss at Town Hall forums and speeches across the county, his comprehensive plan to maintain America’s position as the leading global economic harbinger of innovation, advancement, and education. The campaign launched a new television ad, entitled “Ignite,” which details the Senator’s positive vision for a strong, competitive, and prosperous American economy. You can view the new ad which will run in Ohio and Pennsylvania, by clicking this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHAAnSppMvU

We all have been waiting for another Young Professionals low-dollar event in DC. The wait is over! Mark your calendars for May 1st, on the roof-top of Covington Burling on Pennsylvania Avenue. An invitation will be provided this week as well as a link to purchase your ticket online. Tickets will be $250/person. If you want to serve as an event Co-Host you can contact Dianne Kube at 703-650-5711 or dkube AT mccain08hq DOT com Stay tuned for an event invitation this week. Please tell your friends and colleagues and ask them to come out. This will be a fun event and an opportunity to continue to rally around our candidate and help him raise the funds needed to remain competitive with his Democrat opponent – whomever that may be!

(h/t to your friend and mine Anne Gavin)

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